Spacing and crowding of teeth can be corrected by using braces and wires on teeth & bringing them to the normal space.

Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that is concerned with diagnosing, treating and preventing malocclusions (bad bites) and other irregularities in the jaw and face. Orthodontists are specially trained to correct these problems and to restore health, functionality and a beautiful aesthetic appearance. Though orthodontics was originally aimed at treating children and teenagers, almost one third of orthodontic patients are now adults. A person of any age can be successfully treated by an orthodontist.

It is important to seek orthodontic treatment early to avoid expensive restorative procedures in the future.

Braces are appliances that the orthodontist uses to correct the alignment and the way your teeth meet each other(Occlusion). These braces are either fixed on to the teeth or rest against your teeth and bring about the desired movement of your teeth.

Why do we need braces?
  • Improves your smile - A good smile adds up to the personality of an individual. A fabulous smile makes you attractive and also improves one's confidence levels. Braces improve your smile and therefore improve your appearance.
  • Improves chewing - Teeth are an important part of the digestive system. Chewing of food by the teeth is the beginning of the digestive process before the food is passed on to the tummy. So having a good bite improves the function of the teeth.
  • Prevents other dental problems - Crooked teeth prevent maintenance of good oral hygiene. This can lead to other dental problems such as dental decay and gum diseases.
  • Psychological benefits - Not having a good smile can adversely affect the appearance and therefore the mental well being of an individual. It tends to make one an introvert and highly self-conscious person.
  • Risk of trauma - Teeth that are protruding out increase the risk of trauma to them. This is more so in children during play or due to an accidental fall.
  • Types of BRACES
  • Metal Braces :- Conventional metal braces are most common and still widely used braces treatment. They give the same result when compared to other types of braces but the only disadvantage is that they are unaesthetic.
  • Ceramic Braces:- Ceramic braces makes wearing braces less noticeable and hence, look aesthetic. They can be combined with vibrant colored elastics giving you a fancy look. These are braces which are commonly preferred.
  • Lingual / Invisible Braces - Lingual braces are attached to the inside or the lingual side of the teeth which makes them completely invisible. Lingual orthodontics is particularly well-suited for adults whose profession keeps them in the public eyes such as actors, models, etc.
  • Invisalign - Invisible, removable braces are made from CAD CAM technique. Being transparent and of high aesthetic value, it is widely used by actors, models abd public personalties.