Smile makeover before the wedding


A once in a lifetime affair but the most awaited and priceless one too! A wedding calls for a lot of preparation and running around but don’t let it come in your way of looking stunning, it’s your wedding after all.

All the preparations are made, everything else tied up perfectly and for all the other things you have your loved one’s to take care. Dr.Rohit's Smile Center helps you whiten and brighten your breathtaking smile.

Here are some treatments options you can go for enhance your smile.
  • Cleaning: Sometimes all you need is a little brushing up before the big day. The cleaning done a few days prior to your wedding by expert professionals at Dr.Rohit's Smile Center will make you ready for the day without much ado.
  • Whitening: Going for a professional teeth whitening is also a great idea. Eat brightens your smile and makes it look more attractive.
  • Tooth contouring: This is a great option for people with minute problems in their teeth like uneven teeth, chipped tooth or the like. The teeth are basically evened to perfection.
  • Porcelain veneers: If your problem is a little graver than you can go for porcelain veneers. It covers all the cracked, chipped and stained teeth very smartly. All you have to do then is flash out that beautiful smile all the way.
  • Invisalign: It is a wire free and braces free way to straighten your teeth. These are invisible aligners that can be easily removed every time you want to eat.

With a gorgeous smile, you’ll not only bag loads of compliments that day but will certainly get queries till much later.

The happiness on the money well spent and decision timely taken to go for a smile makeover before your marriage will always make you proud of yourself every time you’ll see your sparkling smile while going through your wedding album.

For further details and appointment please contact Dr.Rohit's Smile Center in Kharghar.