Once a root canal treatment is planned, one must ensure that you are not facing any kind of tooth pain because of the damaged or infected tooth you have.The dentist may prescribe medicine to help with the pain.

medications can lower the intencity of the pain and infection. it is recommended to avoid any hot food or drink one to two days prior to the procedure.

After Root Canal Treatment Procedure

When you go home after your root canal treatment, your tooth and gums may be numb from the anesthesia. It is essential not to try to eat anything while your mouth is yet numb. Once the anesthesia wears off, your tooth might be delicate and touchy. This is ordinary and may be present for a couple of days after your treatment. The medications provided by the dentist can help with any inconvenience.The root canal treatment will relieve all your pain that you were facing because of the infected tooth.

Many teeth that need root canal treatment additionally require a dental crown after the process. If the dental surgeon has recommended a crown, you may have a filling until permanent dental crown is placed to protect your tooth.

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